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You have a host of choices when it comes to roofing

One of the oldest and most reliable roofing systems is the built-up system. Usually characterized by the ballast finish, BUR is made by layering several plies of roof felts with bitumen in between. This laminating effect uses the felt as the strength of the roof structure and the bitumen as the waterproofing. The layers combine to form a watertight barrier that exhibits exceptional heat and wind resistance.


Asphalt Shingles

The most common shingle used in the U.S. These shingles can be reinforced with organic or fiberglass materials. Although asphalt shingles reinforced with organic felts have been around much longer, fiberglass-reinforced products now dominate the market.


Metal Guard

There are many different metal roof styles and designs. The greatest advantage of a metal roofing system is the durability. Metal roofs can withstand large diameter hail, extremely high winds, and are impervious to temperature extremes.


Tile (Clay or Concrete)

Tile is a durable roofing material with many different styles, colors, and finishes. Tile Systems are designed to meet certain aesthetic and design styles, and are heavy compared to other residential roofing systems and requires special skill for installation. 


I cannot thank you enough for your help. There are very few “good guys” left but in case you didn’t know you are one of the few. Have a wonderful day and I will be in touch as soon as I can get the foundation on this house squared away and then on to the new shiny METAL roof! Thanks again!

The peace of mind that comes with having a quality roof installation definitely makes a stressful process much easier. They have a great team of qualified, experienced, knowledgeable and service-friendly people who will go above and beyond to ensure the have happy customers.

Coastal Building Inspections & Engineering performs windstorm engineering, design, and inspection services as well as foundation design, structural component design, and energy inspection services for the residential construction market.

We have been performing windstorm roof inspections and certifications for Apex Roofing for the past 6 years in the Texas Gulf Coast High Wind Areas. During that time, Punum Roofing has continued to perform at the highest level of workmanship and administrative procedures that could be expected. 

We are proud to have earned a GAF Master-Elite® Roofer certification , which guarantees that your project will be completed with the highest quality and customer service. 

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Built-Up Roofs are ideal for flat or nearly flat surfaces and can be installed over most roof decks. Wood decks require a rosin sheet and base sheet, steel decks must be at least 22 gauge, cement fiber require a base sheet or mechanically-attached insulation. There is no substrate requirement when applying BUR to a concrete deck.

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